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Pull pork with video Q-View

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Thanks to all the great tips on this forum, I have been able to achieve what I feel is consistency with pulled pork butts. Here is a video one of two I made for my trip to a pinball tourney/bbq in Cincinnati, OH tomorrow.

They went in at 10am this morning in the 30" MES at 250 degrees. Actual temp thru the day was around 235-240. I started spritzing them with an apple cider vinegar, apple juice and olive oil mixture around 150 or so. I used Jack Daniels bourbon chips mixed with some apple and hickory. To be reheated and served tomorrow with the finishing sauce sticky recipe, but with a couple drops of Blair's Sudden Death sauce dropped in to make it interesting.
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Very cool. I'm gonna go watch it now.
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nice video

Nice job! There are always many questions by new smokers on how to pull pork. So much easier to see it being done. Good luck with the feed.

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Nice video thanks. Looks great.
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SO it takes 3:05 min to pull a butt... .. .. great video.. that was almost cruel this early to watch.. I'm gonna bet prepped now to do my own..


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what temp did you pull them at?? Looks very good...
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looks great, what was the total cook time?
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Now thats Qview very good job I thinks thats the first time I have seen a thats movie PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I pulled them both out around 195 degrees each, I lost track of total cooking time. I did a simple small fork test in the side before I pulled the out, then I foiled, toweled and coolered them for 3 hours before pulling apart. My wife is getting addicted to this dish, she doesn't even like pork but can't stop picking at it while I shred it.
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awesome vid......ya might want to git yer self a pair of bear claws fer pullin....on ebay real cheapPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very Cool! Points for the video effort!
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