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newbie with a pork loin

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OK well i got a chargriller pro with off set smoker first time ever using a smoker and wanted to know if just using a dry rub and stubb's bbq sauce would work or should i wrap it in bacon to prevent drying out. i am goin to start my fire with charcoal and put hickory chunks soaked in water and apple cider on it for smoke. I guess i just want to know if i need to do anything else.
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...Take pictures and post them.
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My only input is to tell you to keep an eye on your temps. A loin can dry out fairly easy. So just don't over cook it. Around 140* would be your target temp. for the meat.

Probably no need to soak your chunks. And to be clear, you're putting the apple cider on the meat and not on the coals to create smoke, right? You can spritz or mop the meat with the apple cider but I wouldn't pour it on hot coals.

I see no need to wrap in bacon (but it sure won't hurt anything) to keep it from drying out. Just be sure to cook between 220 and 240 and you shouldn't have any issues with it drying out.
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Like dude said watch your temp and bacon is not needed but will never hurt a thing. now don't spitz until about 2 hours into your smoke you don't want to wash off your rub so let it sit in the smoke and set first. Yea don't forget the Qview
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Bob-the Dude gave you some good advice so there nothing more for me to add. But if you want to try something different, check out one of my favorite (and easy) way of doing a pork loin.
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hey bbqbob stop by roll call fill us in. pork loin is one of the best and easy to do. pull off at 150° and let rest 1 hour then slice & chow. there are a lot of great posts on loinsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I agree on pulling the loin off at 150*.....or a few degrees sooner. Any higher and you're asking for a dry pork loin.
Foil it, and wrap in a towel for a half hour and slice!

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Good advice from all. Most important is to watch your temp on a pork loin. 145-150 is max for me. Let rest and your good to go....Post some pics
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thanks guys i'll let you know how it turned out
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first time ever smoking anything and here it is nice tenderloin very moist with a nice hickory flavor
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Aint nothin wrong with that!!!!!!!!! What temp did you cook to??
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Looks great! I am a newbie also. Please give the details of what you did?
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What a great first smoke. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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basically i used charcoal briquetts for the fire and put soaked hickory wood chunks directly on top of that and let her smoke. my temps ranged in the 200-250 range she cooked for about an hour and a half i took it off when internal temps was 145-150ish

for porkloin prep i used grill mates pork rub from walmart and rubed all over the pork and then wrapped it in saran wrap and put it in the frig overnight after being on the grill for about an hour i mopped on some stubbs smokey misquite bbq sauce also from walmart.
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