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Chicken and Ribs...

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greetings all,

this is my first venture into meats other than salmon...

here is my new smoke hollow smoker with a small load of salmon done three weeks ago...

i could not achieve a low temp until i installed one of these...
(btw, tho smoke hollow promised to send a lower btu gas burner they never came thru with the item)

as you can see in the previous picture i can get a VERY LOW temp and slow light smoke for the delicate salmon.

today, i'm smoking two pork shoulder roast, four chicken halves and two small pork ribs...

since i have to turn the flame all the way up to get to 225 degrees the issue at this point is trying to keep the small chips (hickory, only size i could get) from burning too fast! i've soaked them in apple juice. in the future i hope to get rather LARGE chunks of wood that i can start smoking with a propane torch and then place in the smoker...

i've placed a probe into one of the pork roast and you can see the internal temp is now 95 degrees... heading for 190 before dinner... I HOPE...

i'm almost 3 hours into the smoke...

trying to keep the temp between 225 and 250

wish me luck,

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I like that you called the thread chicken & ribs, by the way!

nice looking salmon there, Sir..
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Remember to always place chicken at the bottom when smoking other meats due to chance of bacterial issues.
Otherwise, smoke on. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking good! Nice load of salmon there!
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thanks for the chicken placement issue...

i thought about changing the butts out and putting the chicken below but just didn't do it...

i hope the high internal temps will negate any spoilage issues. i plan on freezing most of the pork roast. will add some 'Smokin Okie's Pulled Pork Baste & Serving Sauce' to keep it moist in food saver vacuum sealer bags...

the pork roast internal temp is now passing 146 degrees... going a little faster than i anticipated... tho it may slow down near the end..

i've finished my initial hickory smoke and am thinking of doing a SLIGHT finishing smoke with apple juice soaked cherry at the very end of the cook.

btw, all the meat was coated with meatheads magic dust and refrigerated overnight.



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Everthing looks great even the salmon. Keep up the good work.
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