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Meatless Fatty

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i know no ones gonna believe me but I made a fatty without using meat. yea yea i know, im not a man, real men eat meat blah blah blah.

I have friends who are vegetarian, and I do enjoy vegetarian food. But mainly I liked the challenge.

This company called Gimme Lean makes soy sausage. They sell it in a log like JD. I flattened it out, put in some monterey jack cheese, and rolled that baby up. I rolled it in a mesh disposable grill grate because I was afraid it would fall apart. I was wrong, it held together better than the turkey and pork fatty I did. Great stuff and no fat. put your prejudices aside and try it. If I didn't tell you it was soy, you wouldnt know.

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Sounds interesting. Do you have a closeup pic of it?
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Hey, Dawn...try enlarging your web bworser page, 250-300% looks pretty good to me.

Neat idea, Spice! I likey!

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Great was of thinking outside the box. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPoints to you also
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You beat me to it 13spicerub, I have been planning on trying out a completely vegetarian fattie for a while now but the ingredients are way more expensive than real meat so I haven't bothered.
My Dad is a vegetarian and I always wondered if he would enjoy that. Now, thanks to your review, I'll give it a try.
Thanks for posting!
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You must have some pretty laid back vegetarian friends the ones I know I wouldn't eat that because it was contaminated by the meat products on the same plate lol.
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I have no predjudice against veggie-only dishes. However, I do think vegetarians are weirdos biggrin.gif

But that said, yeah - I've ordered an all veggie sammich or a veggie pizza once in a while...if the mood struck me.

I have to admit that it looked a little strange to me at first, like - not as appetizing in my opinion as real meat, but if it tastes good - sign me up!
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Well . . . I bet I would know when I tasted it. And it certainly looks different.

Gimme Lean . . . that's funny! biggrin.gif

But all that aside . . . points.gif for coming up with something your friends can enjoy too.

I don't mind a veggie sandwich or pizza once in awhile. Heck I might even try the soy sausage . . . except I tried those Boca burgers with the fake grill marks once and they were disgusting IMHO. But since I battle cholesterol, it may be worth a try.biggrin.gif

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