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Small Batch of jerky W/Q-view

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I kinda cheated and used carnie asada. It was fattier the I wanted and the thickness varied allot, but I was real easy. Trimmed the fat from the edges marinated overnight smoked @ 150* 5-7 hours depending on the thickness.

Drying for one hour on the racks, also when I sprinkle on the pepper.

Thinner pieces five hours.

Thicker pieces 7 hours.
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looks delish ... is it nice and chewy ?
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That's some good looking jerky.
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I need to do some jerky up, thanks for pics. How was the taste/jerky feel?
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Good process you have, and great lookin' product!

Nice job!

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I thought the taste was great. The thinner was more the way I like jerky, but the thick was good too. Some people that tried it actually liked the thicker stuff better. I guess it's all just a matter of personal taste.
Thanks for all the nice comments!
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I keep saying I'm going to try my hand at jerky one of these days. Thanks for giving me just a little more incentive.

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Jerky is fun and cheep to make, and soooo good!
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Can you make Jerky on a Traeger smoker? I can't get down to 150 deg i think lowest is around 180.

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Thats some good looking jerky. I really need to put it on my list too. I have a dyhatrader but I haven't had much luck with it. smoking would probaly be alot easlier.
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Nice looking jerky! It's been a few months since I made a batch and this is just what I needed for motivation. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

jimtown, I smoke my jerky at 180, then finish drying it in the ov*n (swear word around here, right?) as low as it goes and it turns out excellent. Like others have said, it's a matter of personal taste. So I'd recomend buying a roast and giving it a shot. Even if you impart the smoke on the jerky for an hour or two, then transfer it you're still getting great flavor. At least in my humble opinion.
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