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smokin butt with progress qview

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Morning all!
doing a butt this morning for my wifes graduation party qview as it progresses through the early hours and into Friday afternoon.
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Good luck my friend, may the smoke be with you.
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hey richos tbs going all morning got my apple pie to keep the buzz goin and a little for moppin to
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Looking forward to the pics. Seems we never tire of butt pics.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Congrats to your wife! Looking forward to seeing the progress of the smoke.
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see! i keep telling my wife im a t and a kinda guy! gotta love those butts!lol heres the first set of pics from fire starting.

loading the charcoal basket for the first fire

charcoal chimney ready to dump in basket

lit charcoal loaded

minion burn after 15 minutes (smoker up to 180)

butt loaded and smoking starts! tbs nicely filling the air i love my new hot tub! set the smoker near by to soak myself between stoking the fire box. Lucky me!
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heres some more pics from the smoke so far

smoke at 3 hours

smoke at 6 hours

wrapped at 10 hours internal temp 174 F. Smoking some fresh tomatoes and an onion for salad dressing

watching the tbs from a soak in the hot tub at 630 am. AAAAHHHH HEAVEN!

the slaw is made for the sandwiches!
beans are going in as i type and will have pics for the beans and pull later
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Thanks for the pics it looks real good..
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Looking good, Dave. Lookind forward to seeing the final pics.
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Looking very good
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1) Wife just graduating from high school.
2) Hot Tub owner
3) Sweet smoke going.

Man you're living the life.

Just teasing about #1 (at least I hope I am) PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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^^^^ like Dude said^^^^^ the life. Sweet is all that can be said throw in a handful of beers then it would be heaven.
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ok boys my wife has her masters in psychology and you both need a couch! as for the last of the pics, here they are, the pork was pulled and the beans smoked the last 4 hours before serving.

the butt just before the foil wrap

pulled pork! thermed at 210 when pulled after a 4 to 5 hour rest in the ice chest. and served right from the ice chest.

smoked baked beans after a 4 hour smoke
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