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Leftover PP: Nacho-time

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I know there have been some posts about pulled pork nachos in the past, but it doesn't look like they've been posted for a while so I thought some might get an idea. A lot of you probably have these as part of your repertoire already. I like my PP on sammies, but after eating those for a couple days i was looking for something different. I learned about these at Lee Roy Selmon's restaurant, an Outback-owned southern food establishment bearing the name of the great Oklahoma and Tampa Bay Bucs player.

Anyway, the possibilities are really endless - use any combination of veggies, salsa, BBQ sauce, cheeses or even fruit. Because my kitchen was kind of wiped out of ingredients over the weekend, I just used PP, Velvetta 2% milk cheese (which melts beautifully), jalepeno slices and some of my homemade BBQ sauce. I found myself wishing I had a tomato and onion, but hopefully next time...

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They look great! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Great idea. I can follow recipes with great success, but I have zero imagination. Thanks for posting, something to add to the "leftover" tool box.
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Your PP Nacho's look great. With the velveta try adding rotels. 1 pound of cheese per 10 oz can of rotels.
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Those look great! The first pork butts I ever smoked was for the Super Bowl this year and I used them to make nachos and they were awesome. I used Velveta with the Rotel like Blacklab suggested and I made Jeff's BBQ sauce and my friends and family couldn't get enough!! Man I'm getting hungry just thinking about them! Good job.
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Looks Great!
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Muy Bueno, Senor!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nachos look great & so does that black & tan in your avatar.
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I may have to try some pulled pork with some "TOTCHOS" that I also want to make (nachos with tater-tots instead of chips).

Actually that it starting to sound like a good fattie as well... Totcho pulled pork fattie...
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I've honestly never tried pp nachos.
It looks great, simple and delicious. Next time I smoke a butt I'll have to remember nachos as part of the leftovers meals.
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I love left over PP!!!

Either Nachos or Buritoes for us.

Thanks for sharing...looks great!
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That's an AWESOME idea! Would be a great fattie and I have never heard of Totchos, but those sound great too!
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Meatball that is out of this world! Another reason for a leftovers forum! Great job!
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I have never tried pulled pork nachos but I'm always looking for new things. Thanks for the idea and those look yummo.
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