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Pulling ham????

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I bought a nice fully cooked ham at store today.

I don't know the pounds we work in metric here. Anywho it is 3.895kg. Iam just wondering can I smoke this and pull it with out turning out popcorn fart dry??

I really will appreciate all the opinions I can get thanks for your time
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lb to kg converstion..

8.58 pounds... is equal to your metric 3.895kg..

send on the q/view when done... precooked ham to smoke and pull should be interesting..

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I've never done a ham. But I would think it'd be mighty tough to "pull" one. Especially one that's pre cooked.

Here's a couple of threads to read that might give you some insight

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hey D I don't think thats a ham, if it was it would say ham and mention the fact that it was cured. I bet if you took it up to 205 it would pull just fine
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That being a cured has already lost keep some moisture available...otherwise it would be "healed"...instead of just "cured"...he he
low and slow, with moisture, I'd love to hear the results...depending on how they cured may not need to add any more salt...
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No more salt is going on I am going to use Jeff's rub and smoke it
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