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Newbie Question What temp?

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What temp do you smoke a "fattie"? What is the target internal temp? I
searched around and couldnot find this info.

If I missed it somewhere please let me know.

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Smoke at 225-250 Target temp is 180 but you can usually pull em out around 170 and wrap in foil and they will get to 180. Enjoy and send Q-view.
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For me I would pull at 155' and foil, 160' after foiling would be good.
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smoke mine at 250 pull @160.
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i run my smoker around 225° to 250° fatties pull at your liking 160° to 180° depending on whats in it and if its bacon wrapped.
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Thinkin of doin my first fattie too.

I'm thinkin of using bulk Italian sausage and stuffing with sauted green and red peppers with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, then wrapping in bacon.
Maybe some onions too????

What do y'all think???
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Make sure to cook your filling ingredients first. Smoker temp should be 225 to 250, internal temp of fattie should reach at least 160.
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I do mine at 225 to 250 also. A little closer to 250 makes for crisper bacon if you have it weaved. I have always cooked them to 160 and let them rest so the fillings set up. never really paid a whole lot of attention to how long but probable 20-30 minutes if I can keep the wolves away that long
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I sure would put the onions in I love onions
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iv been runnin my smoker upwards of 270 lately with the fatties and the bacon is turning out a lot nicer, not burnt but still flexible.

Either way your going to need to play with it to find your desired temp.
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I personnally cook mine at 240-250 and take it to about 165-170 and pull it foil it and let it rest for about 30 to 45 minutes then stand back or you'll be eaten around here. Oh yea like dawn said watch your fillings the softer the filling the more it wants to leak out. Make sure you get a good seal also. Good luck
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I can tell ya them ingredients are tasty....i agree use onions, i also put some baby bella mushrooms and black olives in with that i sauteed all but olives man it was tasty!!
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Thanks Dawn. And it looks like the onions are going in too....icon_biggrin.gif
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