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Glazed Spares with New Rubs, 1 Hot, 1 Mild- Q-view

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These rubs are a new blend I came up with lastnight in prep for today's smoke.

The first is a somewhat milder blend (at my wife's request):

Pork Spare Rib Cumin & Rosemary Rub
½ Tbs Black Pepper, fine ground
2 Tbs Kosher Salt, powdered
1 Tbs Dried Rosemary, fine ground
½ Tbs Cumin
½ Tbs Garlic powder
½ Tbs Mild Smoked Paprika
2 Tbs Onion powder

A look at the milder rub:

The second rub should prove to be a challenging experience for those who don't tolerate spicy foods well, so be careful who you make this for.

Notice that the first 4 ingredients are added to the mild recipe, to kick up some extra heat.

Pork Spare Rib Hot & Spicy Cumin & Rosemary Rub
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
½ Tbs Crushed Red Pepper
1-½ tsp White Pepper
½ Tbs Black Pepper, fine ground
2 Tbs Kosher Salt, powdered
1 Tbs Dried Rosemary, fine ground
½ Tbs Cumin
½ Tbs Garlic powder
½ Tbs Mild Smoked Paprika
2 Tbs Onion powder

A look a the hot rub:

And lastly, the glaze, which is a totally new method for me. I made up the batch lastnight and tasted it after warming it this stuff is gonna be good! All I need to do today with this is simmer it down per the directions and slap it on. I'm really looking forward to the results!!!!!!!!icon_biggrin.gif

Pork Rib Maple & Citrus Glaze


1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tbs Red Wine Vinegar
2 tsp Lime Juice
1/4 Cup Orange Juice
1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

Combine all ingredients and warm in a sauce pan while stirring to mix thoroughly. Simmer to reduce the liquid to your desired consistency and to concentrate the flavors.

Allow the mixture to cool a few minutes before applying to the meat. This will allow the glaze to set-up slightly for easier application.

Gently apply (to avoid wash-off of your rub) to the meat side of the ribs with a mop or brush every 10-15 minutes during the last hour of cooking to form a thin glaze.

The smoke is on, and here are some of the pics of where we are so far.

The Mild rubbed Spares:

The Hot rubbed Spares:

Just starting the smoke, the mild are up front, hot in the back, the trimmings are rubbed hot so the chef has some snacks later!!!!icon_wink.gif
And the rest is 2 Chuckies and Idaho taters for twice smoked (another full smoker)wink.gif:

And, about 90 minutes in @ 205-215* chamber temp with Hickory:

We've had a thunderstorm scream through while I was getting this post ready. I had to run out and check temp prob alarms after bumping the burner up a bit to compensate for the weather. The wind came in hard and was soaking my sfb on the smoker...temps dropped about 25* in just a couple minutes, then spiked when the rain stiopped 20 minutes later. I can't wait to get my full-size cover over my outdoor kitchen!

Back later with more.

Thanks for lookin'!

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Looking good, Eric. Keep us posted. smile.gif
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I like the sound of that spicy rub, and that sauce...seems like it's going to be a good combo. Can't wait to see the end results.
Glad the storm blew through quickly, nothing worse than dark clouds forming when the smoke is flowing.
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3 hours in and counting

I'm not seeing much pullback on the meat, but I am running a bit low on temps again, at 205-215, so pull-back will run longer. I have had a couple short drops and spikes...nothing serious. Should work out fine for dinner though as I did start these about 45 minutes earlier than I figured times for. With the weather forecasts, I thought, better early than never!

Here's about 3 hours into the smoke:

The plan is to put the spares into a foil steam pan with a shot of OJ @ about 4 hours into the smoke, for a 2 hour brase. Then firm-up and apply glaze for the last hour or so.

Weather is sunny and warm for the past 1-1/2 hours, with storm clouds building all around me...I might get lucky and it will leave us alone here.

Back later!

Thanks everyone!

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Those are looking nice forluvofsmoke!

I like the rub ideas, especially without sugar in them. I would like to know what you (your wife actually---need a signed, sworn statement from her lol) think about them. If you can, try to grab a piece of "candy" before you add the rest to the foil braise so you can describe the rib/rub flavor to that point.

On the OJ---2 hours might be something you would want to check while you're doing it since it might speed up the "tendernous" stage. OJ is a pretty strong acid and acids break stuff down quicker than they normally would braising. It all depends on how you like your ribs, but I'd suggest checking them after an hour to see if they are "fall of the bone" enough for you.
I am extremely curiuous how that combo of rub and OJ will come out. Along with the maple flavor. With the sugars in it that aren't competing with the rub sugars it might end up being a fantastic 2nd stage and then quick last stage glaze.

Lot's of question, little answers.
So far! Curious minds are waiting for your results! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey smokeguy, Thanks! Yeah, it's going well so far. I did grab my snacks (hot rubbed trimmings) off the grate when I got my Chuckies started brasing...I was a pleasantly surprised with the flavor and level of heat. Not a strong bite at all, and a fairly smooth aftertaste as well. It seems to be a really good balance with the meat and smoke so far. I can't wait to get that glaze on 'em!!!!!!!!

I have done the OJ alot in the past on pork picnic shoulder, butts, and a few times on beef. It works really well to help with breakdown. I figured for these spares on 2 hours, so that I could get a fair amount of time back on the grates to reform the bark and get the glaze finished up well with a hotter 3rd stage and push the time as much as needed.

This is alot of new stuff here for me, so I'm playing it by eyes & ears and gut instincts. So far, no worries.

I've got an update to post here in a bit with some more pics. So, stay tuned! It may be about 3-1/2 hours out 'til the finale, as the pull-back isn't quite where I want it yet. Hang in there folks!

Thanks again!

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Looking good FLOS.
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Thanks, Scott!

Here's the 4 hour (give or take) update.

Pull-back is starting to get closer to my liking now, so foil should be coming up in the near future for these bad boys:

This pics is after the Chuckies were foiled and onions & peppers added to the smoke:

Thanks again!

Back with the foiling soon, I'm hoping!

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Nice job smoke. Looking good.
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Prepping the Glaze, and an OOOPS!!!!!!!

I came outside after the last post to find out that my chamber temps dropped about 80* and my LPG tank was DRY!!!!!! I checked the tank prior to warm-up and knew it was low...just forgot to check it again later in the smoke. A quick cylinder change and I was building up temps again. Man that stinks...cost me probably 20 minutes of additional cooking time...haven't done that one for a while.

I got my glaze prepped out, which I made lastnight and tossed into the Q-fridge.

Simmering on my old Coleman Powerhouse with (what other than) an LPG conversion:

And, I took the glaze reducing to the point of a stringy spoon-drip-test.

These are taken in sucession, elapsed time was approx. 5 seconds from 1st to last shot (just to give you an idea of the consitancy):

I decided when doing the reduction to save some glaze application time by getting it fairly thick, and then I can just drizzle it onto the ribs instead of using a mop or brush. This will also stop any chance of washing off that nice dry rub and bark.

I tasted the glaze again after it cooled down a bit...I am confident that this is gonna be a dynamite addition to the ribs. Very distinct flavors going on there, and they all go well together.

I'm waiting on rib meat pull-back yet so I can do a foil brasing.

The taters are huge, so they are cooking slow as well. I asked my oldest daughter to handle the twice smoked second stage prep for me, and she agreed...she's really getting into cooking lately...nice to see that. It also frees up some time for me to get my updates posted here...COOL!

So, that's it for now. I'll be back after the ribs come out for foiling, and of course the glazing and finale!

Thanks again, Everyone!

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Ribs are foiled

I did the bend test, and the meat started tearing apart as I lifted the slabs, so into the foil they went with a 1/4 Cup of OJ for each slab.

What ever happened during this smoke seems to have left the ribs in a pretty tender state as they are, so I'll only go for about 45 minutes in the foil, and get that glaze drizzled on.

The glaze did set up pretty thick after cooling (about like a caramel sauce), so I'm doing a double-boiler of sorts to reheat before I apply it to the ribs. I had forgotten about heating sugars to certain temps, and what it does when it cools, as I'm not a candy making type of person. The glaze will set up pretty fast on the ribs the way it looks right now. I can hardly wait!

Back in a few!

Thanks for lookin', Everyone!

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You've got me hanging on to this thread to see some final pics, Eric. Points to you for the pics shared, and the detail behind your rubs, process, etc... Nice work with the grub!!
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Out of the foil and the glaze is on!!!!!!!

I went for about 40 minutes foiled, and 10 minutes dry heat on the grates before applying the glaze.

I reheated the glaze to a double-boiler temp of 180* and it was still nice and tacky, so I went to boiling point and applied the glaze.

Glaze at 125* water temp:

Foil just opened on the ribs:

10 minutes on the grates @ approx 240*:

Glaze is drizzled on:

1st check after 15 minutes:

Twice Smoked Taters are almost ready, too:

I'm firming-up the bark right now, so the finale is just around the corner!

Thanks all!

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Finale is here at last!

Well, I gotta say this first off: I like it all! The glaze is a nice finish on the ribs. Sweet and tangy to touch up the rub. I didn't have any of the regular, but the hot rub has some heat that is really nice. The flavor is real good with the pork and hickory. Gotta do these again!

Tators are good, I have 1 out of 3 which had a smoked Jalepeno added to the filling...good stuff!

The pulled beef chuck I'll need to post on the other thread I have running. It's got a punch to the rub as well.

Ribs just off the grates:

1st slice into the hot rubbed ribs:

Smoke Ring is killer, this is the thick end:

And my plate, hot rubbed ribs, Jalepeno Twice Smoke Potatoe, and pulled chuckie sammie with smoked Red Onion & smoked whole Jalepeno:

This was all good stuff...I'll have to think it over a few days to see if I would change anything. I can't think of anything right now.

Thanks for following along, folks! It's been fun, and now I'm done!icon_biggrin.gif

Great smokes to everyone!

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Nice Eric.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job detailing every step of the smoke Eric. I appreciate the the close up of the pullback on the ribs just prior to foiling. The smoke ring on the end product looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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