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Roast Beef

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Well, after yesterday's disaster of an attempt at roast beef I have a question. What is the best cut to use for making roast beef. I plan to slice it for sandwiches.

For instance, what is the cut they use when they slice it up for you at the deli?

Thanks for looking!
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Not sure what the deli's use but I was told to use a top round roast and have done several and they came out great. That being said I'm about to try a sirloin tip roast as I caught them on sale for 1.99 a lb
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Sliced Chuck Roast and London Broil (Top Round) make some fine sammies too.

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What went wrong????
The reason I'm asking is so other newbies can learn what not to do.
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Here is my thread explaining my dilema and then the cure.



It was indeed a good learning experience!
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I'm a big fan of the chuck roast. Like it more than a brisket. I however dont usually slice it, I always bring it to 205* and pull it. The fat content in a chuckie keeps it soo moist.

I do have to tell ya that the pic Flash has posted in this thread looks amazing! I'm gonna hafta try a sliced london broil for sure!
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What Jerry said.
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I like the top round, but I only take it to 135 cool over night and slice.
Does anyone inject there beef for adder moister? and if so ....with what?
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For some reason, I have never injected beef. Pork or chicken, yes.
I like to marinate beef. Mojo Crillio is very good on beef, be it a Top Round or Beef Ribs. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Bad idea if you're not going to cook over 140* You run the risk of pushing nasty microbes down into the meat.
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Good point BigSteve, thanks for pointing that out!
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Roast Beef Qview!

What a lot of you don't know about me is that if I fail at something it really gets me going. I was going to have roast beef if it killed me. I have a new (to me) slicer that I have been dying to use. I took all of your advice and got me a top round roast.

Cooked to 135° internal then rested while tented for 20 minutes.

Sliced up nice!

Made open face sammies last night with some left over brisket juice drizzled over the top. Boy, was it good!

Thanks to everyone for the help. I love SMF!
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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Did you get a block of cheese to slice for those roast beef sandwiches I know are coming in the next couple days
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I did get one. I find the cheese easier to slice by hand. It is pretty gummy to run through the slicer.
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Stick it in the freezer for a bit till just before frozen and it will slice much easier
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Good come back!!! Looks great!!!
Nice slicer. How thick will it cut and what was the cost???
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I found it on ebay for $37.00, it slices thin to 3/4". Nice unit. I can tell it was from the 60's, it is a tank!
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$37.00????? That was a steal. Nice unit!!!!!
I'd like to find one that slices over an inch but they want thousands of dollars for those. Guess I'll stick with a knife.
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Way to come back with guns-a-blazin Bilbo. Open faced sliced beef sammies!!! Just beeeaaaaautiful!
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