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Necessity is the Mother of Invention ABT's

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I wanted to do some whole ABT's but didn't have a rack and I wasn't about to spoon in cream cheese so I came up with this..........

I couldn't find my jerky gun so I used this.....

Smallest tube on the stuffer.........

You have to crank it out reallllll slowwww.......

Bamboo skewers and laid across the top of rib racks. The bottom of the rack lined with tin foil and sides folded up. The foil caught all the bacon drippings.

The finished product smoked in mesquite wood.......

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Nicely done thanks for sharing
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Looking good! That's a unique abt rack. Looks like it worked good for you.
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Nice job! They look great. Points for creativity in making do with the equipment that you have. If you didn't have the sausage stuffer, a zipper bag with a hole cut out of one corner would work too. Just fill the bag, zip it closed, cut a corner off and squeeze the filling out of the bag. smile.gif
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nice job of using what ya got all q accessories are multitasking.
points.gifto ya for showing that
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I'm with Dawn - zip lock bags are easy... and disposable! nive looking ABTs
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I'm Impressed

Hi there! I am impressed by your creativity and "make-it-happen" attitude....very nice looking ABT's and you have certainly earned points for your work. Congratulations!!

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more points for makein do with what ya gotPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The real question is how did they taste (I know I know...Did I really have to ask???)

I bet they were amazing!!! I have not made ABT's in a while, but these look great!

I love the rack too...I am going to have to come up with something like that too!
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Ha! That was a nice idea Dhunter!
Points for using your brain to make the job go easier. And they looked great too!
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OK I'm a newbie to smoking but a good cook what does ABT stand for confused.gif Thanks..
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It stands for "Atomic Buffalo Turds" ...a cute colloquialism for stuffed jalpeno peppers.
Darned if I know who came up with it, but that's the general term for them.
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