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quick answer needed re: resting time.

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quick question - is there a way to cut back on the resting time without sacrificing final product? i usually go a half-hour with great results, but i am hoping a little elstt time will ork out OK - 15-20 minutes would be ideal, but i will rest for the full half-hour if necessary.
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Fifteen to twenty and you're good to go! No worries!
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I have always been told to rest butts and briskets at least one hour. Smaller cuts you can get away with less time. It takes awhile for the juices to redistribute in those bigger cuts
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The longer you rest it the more the juice redistribute in the meat. If you do it early it will still be good but might have more juice running on your plate.
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good advice, guys - it loks like with everything going on (heating up sides etc. it's going to be a total of a little over a half hour. i get what y'all are saying about letting it rest longer but the natives are restless tonight.

i guess i am going to ahve to try foiling @ 165 or so after all sometime in order to get done sooner. these guys are like a pack of wolves here!
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Here is an article on resting times courtesy of rhe Virtual Weber Bullet. I'm with Piney. I typically rest for at least an hour for briskets and butts.

Like they said, it boils down to physics. And physics, like gravity, ain't fun and games . . . it's the law. icon_mrgreen.gif

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I agree at least an hour-just need to start sooner.
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Tell those "wolves" to back off your meat! eek.gificon_biggrin.gif As with smoking anything, it's always worth the time and never pays to rush through things.
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The longer the better. You spent how many hrs cooking it? another 30-60 minutes should be a no brainer!wink.gif
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