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Chucky for pulling?

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I started thawing this one for smoking in the morning (partially frozen from my wife's purchase lastnight). I wanted to do it with a couple slabs of pork spares just to use up some of that rack space on the SNP.

I've only smoked 1 chuck prior to this, sliced. Do chucks work well for pulling? I would think the cut of meat shouldn't matter, but I'm not sure.

This one seems relatively lean compared to most that I've seen, though I haven't un-packed it for a look at the bottom yet (I know, they usually hide the worst looking side).

I won't cut into the roast for fat removal, but I may want to trim the surface and edges biggy there.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your opinions/advice.

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Yep - chuckies are good for pulling, but you need to get it to a higher internal temp then when slicing. I did a 4 pound chuckie a few weeks ago that went 11 hours so there is no rushing them but it's worth it. Good luck!
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Cool...thanks! Yep, I was figuring an all-day smoke on the chuck, foiling for a brase, and resting after hitting at least 200*.

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I don't usually foil while cooking unless I am short on time, but that's just me. I like to take it to 200 degrees or when the probe goes in with no resistance - like a brisket. I do like to foil and rest in a towel lined cooler - but that's not a deal breaker if I run out of time. However you decide to do it, good luck and let us know how you make out.
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If you want to pull the meat, go to ~ 160* and foil until 205*. If you want to slice, foil at 160* and slice at 185~190*
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Being there are 7 different types of chucks out there, it just depends on which one you are using. Most pull OK, some not at all and some only partially. It can get quite frustrating at times. I have found the Underblades and 7 bone Chucks seem to work well for pulling.
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