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Internal Smoker temp question

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So, I have probably the most simple no frills smoker out there. How does one regulate the internal temp of the smoker? Should I install one of the these on the lid, all I'll need to do is drill a hole?
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You can install the thermometer in the lid. Just make sure that it's calibrated:
Option 1: Stick the probe in a glass of ice water - it should read 32F
Option 2. Stick the probe in a pan of slow boiling water - it should read 212F

If you can't calibrate it, you can make a note of what the variance is. However, if you can't calibrate it and it's way off, I would go with a digital thermometer placed inside the smoker. (I learned from FiredUp to just place the probe through a small red potato that is squared)
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Well, boiling is 212F at sea level.
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I'll be smoking at my parents beachouse on the NJ coast tomorrow. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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Dude fatfingered that! 212F is correct...I'll correct my post.
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yea a good thermo will help a lot if ya put it in the lid remember rack temp will be a little hotter. if ya can put it a little closer to the rack that will help too. the thermos ya have in the pic are close on temps so have fun and show us what the outcome is.
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Sounds good, maybe down the side of the smoker closer to the rack. Or maybe just a digital one.
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Or both! That would enable to read mid grate and off to the side.
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Hmmmm, not a bad idea.

I picked this one up at lunch just now. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
6438 Weber Digital Thermometer
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That looks EXACTLY like the Oregon Scientific thermometer my wife got me for Christmas a few years back. Works great for meat. Not so good for smoker temp because it only goes up to 199°.

Make sure it goes high enough if you plan to use it for smoker temp.


Just found this in a review for it on Amazon

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Damn, I might have to return it! I was going to use the raw potato method. You sure only 199?

Edit: Just read and it says meat temps up to 199. I guess I'll use this in the meat and use the other one on the lid for internal temp.
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Yep. Updated my post. Sorry should have created another one.

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I just read that on Amazon too and edited my post. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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