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edsaws, your fatties look killer!!! Great lookin drum also, looks like you got it down now! I got my expanded metal in a 4ft X 8ft sheet for $60.00 at a local weld shop. It's the really thick stuff though so I couldn't really bend it very easy so I just made a big square basket and welded it together.

The weed bruners are the way to go for sure for starting your charcoal, good advice!!

Seriously, your drum really looks great though! Excellent Job!
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Yeah I dunno that stuff seems to be pretty expensive and the people around here at HD and Lowes dont have a stinkin clue what expanded metal is .... use the store locator and hit 06082 for a zip code and call the Enfield HD will see what I mean when u ask them for a price...clueless....only place I found it was at the tractor supply store for 35$ for like a 3x3 piece.....I seen people getting 4x8 sheets of that stuff for that much ...
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Tractor Supply has it here in FL but it was like $26.00 for a 1ft X 2ft piecePDT_Armataz_01_35.gif and Lowes was about the same, not to mention it was pretty flimsy stuff... Fergit that!
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That's a fine looking basket edsaws! Great looking fatties too! I'm glad you now have your basket issue resolved. With that size basket you be doing nice long burns. Great job!
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I found my expanded at a construction trailer builder. They use it on the ramps. I also found some at a welding shop. Check if there are some of these types of shops around the area.
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Ok now that the 1st smokes been a success its time to make her mobile. Had a brain fart last night after them fatties and have a good idea of what I want to do. I'll keep you posted.
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