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Rust and the Smoker

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Hey guys,

Anyone have tips for kind of restoring the exterior of a grill? I got some patches of rust on the outside of my smoker. Its not on the insider. Any recommendations on getting rid of the rust and maybe repainting or something? Will a product like CLR work in removing the rust? Any tips?
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I'd go with a wire wheel on the end of a drill.
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Sander/Grinder Flap wheel on a 4.5inch grinder!! works a charm and is faster and less torquey than a drill I found.. If it is deep rust , you hace to go till there is not more dark evidance of the iron oxide and then fine sand to get rid of all the grinder marks to your desire.. and re-paint exterior only with Hi-temp..

This was my project too..

Hope it helps..

P.s. USE A MASK as most Hi-temp paint contains LEAD!!!!

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Thanks guys!! Restoration project begins this weekend

Great job Heliboy on the restoration of the grill. Looks like new!!!
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No CLR but naval jelly will dissolve the rust. what the other guys said about wire brushes etc will work better and faster than chemicals but if you dont have the tools, this will work also.
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garyt is right. Use the naval jelly. But do grind or sand first, then when you get that done, use an old paint brush and smear the naval jelly on and let it sit for a while. It will kill any rust that may be left so it won't creep back in later and ruin your new paint.
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I've got to restore the top of my firebox and find the addition of naval jelly interesting. Is this something you can get at the local hardware store?
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I usually get mine at the local auto parts store (auto body supplies). Some hardware stores may carry it.
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Thanks papad!
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most hardware stores have it, even Walmart has it. use it rinse and prime soon after.
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Rust removal

I use a rotozip tool with a 3m surface prep disk or roloc disk. Works great
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Like HeliboydoesBBq said, These are unbelievable!! Alumina zirconia abrasive flap discs, you will be done in minutes... Then paint with high temp grill paint, 3 or 4 coats then smear lard on your firebox or spray it with PAM and put a little on after every cook after it cools down a bit. < take the disk guard off..
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