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Newb from Ct

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Hey everyone, names Ed and I live in Ct. Just finished my UDS. I 'm giving it a test run now to see what temps and how long a burn time I'll get. It's all new to me but I do love to cook, eat, drink and be merry. Been wanting to do this for a while but never had the time. So go easy on me I'll get some pics up soon to.
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Welcome to SMF Ed.....glad ta have another member from CT!
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Welcome ED. Awesome that you built your UDS. We like the Q-view. Look forward to seeing your rig. I"m building one right now as well. Good to have u.
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Welcome to SMF, Ed. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the forum Ed! Congratulations on the new drum, can't wait to see pics!
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Thank for the welcome. Well heres look at what I created not much in fanfare yet but it is ugly

Hey there Gene where abouts you located?
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Looks good ta me....nice job!

I'm in Ellington, just over the Vernon, South Windsor and East Windsor lines. And you?
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Welcome to SMF nice looking UDS. Have fun and happy smoking
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Nice too see another person from CT. I'm from Bristol the home of ESPN
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I'm out in Ashford, not to far from the Uconn in Storrs. Glad to see smokins alive in Ct.
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