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Hey stickyFingers & Billbo,
I used to have a whole thread on this forum with all of the pics a while back and then they had problems with the web server and all of my posts went bye bye, my number went from around 400 something down to 70 or 80 and my rep went down so I have not been posting much since.

Here are some pics of the triple barrel I built. I cooked 130+lbs of meat in that thing 4 times and it worked like a dream! Don't under estimate the power of the drum!!!

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I still think that's one sweet smoker JOK3R... nice drum too. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gifcool.gif
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Thanks for the pictures! That is a sweet smoker. I have two questions though. It looks as though the two top barrels are connected to act as one..right? Also, I would bet that it must take a far amount of fuel to reach a good temp?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks again Jeanie, If you like it I am happy...biggrin.gif
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Thanks stickyFingers, to answer your two questions, first being the top drums, yes they are connected. They are welded together at the open ends, so it is one big drum. Second question about the fuel consumption, It doesn't do too bad at all! I start with one bag of Royal Oak lump to get a nice bed of coals going and throw a split or two on every 1 to 1 1/2 hours so I use about 12 splits and a bag of Royal Oak for a 12 hour cook give or take a few logs. It can get screamin hot if you don't watch it and keep the draft down! I control the heat with the fire door, about 1/2 inch open and it settles right in at 235 - 240 degrees. Open it all the way and it will climb to 375 - 500 degrees. The temps is very even across the top unless your fire in the bottom is all the way to one side or the other, keep it in the middle and your good. I gotta say it cooks better when its packed full of meat! I grill in the top also with charcoal in a pan under the grates, works great!! I have built 3 of them so far now and I am gonna build another soon. They are cheap to build, easy to cut and work with and lighter than an LP tank, And they work great! I have an LP tank smoker I am workin on but these are soo easy to build.. I used the Vogelzang hardware on the first one but I am making my own hardware now.
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I love that handle, It would be awesome with smoke coming out of it. I also love the slinky lit up eyes thing too. No sense going over the top unless its all the way over the top, I always say.

That thing is way cool. I remember seeing your smoker build before the great purge days of 09. I lost over 1100 posts and mondo rep too. icon_sad.gif
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Thanks GnuBee!! I knew somebody would see things in a twisted way like myself!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif I have trouble making pretty things so I thought lets just go full on ugly cause I am real good at makin ugly stuff. Plus they are called "Ugly Drum Smokers" Right?

I have seen some really nice lookin UDS's but I think we should see who can make the ugliest POS lookin, piss off the neighbors, scare the kids, I wouldn't steal that if you paid me UDS... Just havin stupid thoughts again... Sorryredface.gif

Sorry bout your posts and your rep! I didn't have nearly that many but never the less it was like I built a sand castle and somebody came along and kicked the shizzy out of it lol. On the other hand, I can totally understand because I am a network systems engineer and I deal with devastating losses like that on a weekly basis...
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Thanks for the information! Any chances of bring one towards South Carolina?
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Are you sure that handle is big enough? icon_eek.gifbiggrin.gif
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