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Weber replacement handle - What do you think?

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Ok, here she is and she is UGLY!! I am not done with her yet but good enough for her modeling debut... The smoke was actually rolling out of her nostrils but the wind started to blow a little so you can't really see it in the pics. She fits perfectly over the handle and the air holes in the lid are right under her nose lol. I think I might let the kids paint her and make her a little less ugly? I am gonna put a couple tables on the sides and some wheels and other little things here and there.

She is bolted to the handle nice and tight.

I have a few more skulls layin around, one of them is from an 8ft. Gator! I think I might do one with a Florida Gators theme. Paint the drum Orange, blue and green with a gator head on top and smoke pooring from the mouth! Be great for tailgates!! My wife hates my skull collection so I just thought I would kick it up a notch! Now I am lookin for some of those springy pop out slinkey eyeballs for the skull eye sockets or maybe some red LED lights? Not sure yet? The neighbors think I am disturbed and I guess maybe I am icon_twisted.gificon_eek.gif
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Disturbed? Maybe...
Genius? Absolutely!

That is awesome! Love that it fits perfectly.
I think that you should let your kids paint one, would probably look neat and they would love contributing to the smoke.
LED and other little skull mods would be nice as well.
Only thing better than beautiful smoke is a beautiful smoker.
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Thanks for the laugh! I love it! How did you fit your lid onto the drum? I have a thread going trying to figure that out. Any help would be appreciated!


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That is freaking awesome!!!
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I'm askerred! It looks like the cookout of the damned.

Looks like something out of a Steven King book. The smoker comes to life and eats the family.
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That does sound like a good idea for a movie with a twist.
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LED lights now that thar is goodd ideer PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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There is a fine line between clever and stupid!
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Your welcome Billbo! It was meant to make you laugh! To answer your question about the lid, I cut the lip off the top and it now fits perfectly.
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I guess the barbacoa is gone.tongue.gif
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Thanks Gaga for the kind words! I was totally going for stupid and I think I nailed it! Never been much for fine lines but I sure do like a fine woman!!!icon_eek.gif
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Do you attract many fine women dressed as you are in your avitar?
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If you barbeque dressed as a clown, does your food taste funny?
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Thanks Fire it up! Good to see that some people have a sence of humor.. Kids think it is cool so I am happy.
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It might if I rub my butt first.. and then play with my brisket?
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You think that is my problem? Hmmmm? I might need to rethink my whole approach? The baseball bat and cast net used to work but they are gettin smart now! And these damn shoes are killin me...
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Hey leave the dude alone! He's the only one on the forum who can squirt mop from the flower on his lapel!
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Would you send me a bigger picture of that triple barrel somoker in your signature? jcarey65@yahoo.com

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I am also intrigued by the triple smoker. Looks like a nice unit. Did you build it yourself?
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A texas long horn and a florida gator smoker .
Yes you are deranged and need to get back on your meds.
LMAO! Paint some tiger stripes on it and then we'll talk.
Great idea
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