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First Butt on the UDS

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a couple of firsts here... cooking a butt on the UDS and actually finding something around here that will make pulled pork...its really a picnic...hey its still

i am going to be doing an all night cook tonight. it will go into the smoker as soon as it quits raining a bit.
today is a test to see what my smoker can do in 52* weather with rain.
wood for smoking will be apple,maple and oak(like
the meat

think i actually figured out a new setting on my

trimmed of the skin

mustard applied

rubbed and ready for the smoker

4 hours into the cook

fast forward 8 hours

finishing pics...anybody want a pulled pork sandwich?

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I'll take two. Nice job. Points for the first smoke in the UDS. Be sure to post some picts of it.
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Sweet looking PP.
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That is some great looking pulled goodness.
If Dude doesn't finish his second sammie then I'll take some.
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You got a nice piece of meat to begin with, and an awesome finished product...congratulations!
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Nice job! Looks like it turned out great.
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Nicely done. Looks like some great juicy pulled pork.
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Looks like that turned out might fine! Sure do like my drum.
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Looks great!

Not that it matters, as what you had was a superior piece of meat, but that looks to me more like the butt portion of an uncured ham. Rear leg vs. front shoulder. No harm, just a better piece of meat to start with.

I've done several butts on the UDS now and I've come to the conclusion it's one of the most simple, effective pieces of equipment I own.

Again, great job!
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around here it is easier to find a "picnic" cut... if i can find a real boston butt, it is usually so small and trimmed that it is not worth it to me...

it turned out very well, still needs some tweaking but overall everybody loved to find a couple of recipes using pulled
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Looks great............
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looks like a worth wild cook num numzzz
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