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First try at BuckBoard

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Very good. Sorry I waited so long.
Did the High Mountain cure as per the directions. Had a terrible accident at work that involved several coworkers. So, the cure lasted 18 days. Other then that I followed the directions to a tea.

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That looks really good, especially the shot in the pan...I can almost smell it cooking.

Sorry to hear about the accident at work, hope everyone is doing alright.
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Thanks, it was great.
The accident left one killed and two badly burned. One of the guys died last Friday. It has been a very hard two weeks.
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Nice job on the bacon. Looks perfect.
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I love buckboard... been munching on mine for the last month and a half... I need to do up some more... Delicious!

So sorry to hear about your co-workers, very sad news.

Thanks for sharing the q-view
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That looks good RW.I heard about the mishap last week.I wish you all the best at the Proving Grounds.
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Great first go!

Nice job on the first go round. I bet it won't be your last. I have my second BBB curing in the fridge right now.

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NICE where did you get the recipe? I would love to try that.
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Sorry for the rough week, my thoughts go to those families that were affected.

Hopefully your mind got to escape a bit while the sweet smell of bacon filled the air as those beauties smoked!! Looks really great ... excellent job!
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OK call me stupid but what the heck is buckboard????? It looks awesome but I have never seen it beforeicon_rolleyes.gif
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Typically pork belly is used for bacon but when pork butt or pork loin is used for bacon it is called Buckboard bacon.
Heres the link to the High Mountain website where you can purchase the cure.
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I think when ya cure loin most people call it Canadian bacon. Butts are as close to belly bacon as ya can get with out the bellies.

That is some incredibale looking bacon you have there RW, thanks For sharing the Q-view!!!
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