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Hey y'all, thanks for the nice replies....appreciate your good words!

MEATBALL- I'm with you on that...are those "Crabbies" you are talking about on English Muffins? Made them a lot and are awesome!

ALX- Buddy, I sure miss the Chesapeake Bay. Crabs, fish, the whole deal. Good for you to enjoy the blue crabs, buddy! Get some for me too.

CAJUNSMOKE13- They tsted excellent! I was worried that the spices and japs would overpower the canned crabmeat, but no, the crab flavor came through strong! Definitely a crab ABT, and mixed with jalapeno and cheese.....really good!

OL' SMOKEY- thanks for the reminder of the apple corer. I looked in the drawer and would you believe we don't have one? Yikes! I gotta get to wally-world and pick up some basic tools...thanks for the reminder.

Glad you enjoyed my crabmeat ABT's - PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Doing some ABT's tomorrow so I was browsing the ABT section when I came across this.
Must have missed it, looks great Rivet.
Last time I made them it was a failure, hopefully tomorrow ones will come out much better.
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Thanks for the inspiration with the crab meat. I softened some cream cheese tossed in some lump crab meat, grated sharp chedder, and finely minced red bell pepper. Filled about 2 dozen jalapeno halves and two dozen mushroom caps - wrapped it all in bacon and 3 hrs. later enjoyed a little slice of heaven!
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Yea, good post Rivet. I used the crab meat in my last batch after seeing this post and forgot to give props to you in my Q-View. It was the best batch of ABT's that I've made yet.

Hmm... Mushroom caps you say, JIRodriguez? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Sounds good to me.
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The mushrooms are a nice way to inclued those people who can't eat the spicy stuff.... like my wife icon_mrgreen.gif.... just wave the pepper over the pot and it's seasoned in her book.... lol.
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Man those look good!!! Can't wait till the new smoker arrives to get some goin. I was thinkin of puttin some summer sausage or pepperoni in them. anyone try that?
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