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Todays cook

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Butt at 175*, burnt ends about done, & ABTs are on. Can't wait.
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What time is dinner?

Wife and our 16 young'uns will be up.. LOL Looks good to me..
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Everything looks so good! I just picked up 21 jalapenos to make ABTs. Maybe next weekend. Thanks for the idea.
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That all looks great!!
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Man, I got nothing to smoke today, so I'll be up there in about an hour. Just post your address so I know where I'm going.


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Looking good.
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Heck of a good looking smoke there. I call dibbs on left overs.
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Those burnt ends looked fantastic (along with everything else). Nice looking grub, thanks for sharing!
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Good looking smoker full abchristy!
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Nice looking smoke there. Great job
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