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My First Ham! WOW!!!

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Well, here's my first ham. Totally caught me off guard with the flavor.

Straight from the store:

Unwrapped and Rubbed:

Rubbed and on the Spit:

Done on Spit:

First Cut:

Didn't see much of a smoke ring but man this thing practically melted in my mouth.
I used Maple and Wild Cherry.
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It takes a little longer but buy one that says ready to cook instead of fully cooked & you can impart a lot more smoke flavor into it. I do them every year for Christmas dinner.
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That looks really good!
Pathmark was supposed to have Smithfield's hams on sale for $.99lb but when I go tthere they were out, can't wait to get ahold of one and smoke up some ham, heard nothing but good things.
Points for a beautiful Qview.
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I'm not so sure that you would get a smoke ring since according to the package it's "fully cooked". In addition the label says "See reverse side for heating instructions" I could be wrong but..............
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Oh Well, Figured I Grab the Wrong Kind To Smoke

I thought it tasted tooo good to be me. I shouldn't have grabbed a precooked one.
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I'm sure that the extra time in the smoker, along with the maple & wild cherry added plenty of extra flavor. Sure does look delicious!
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Nice looking qview!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good looking ham!
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The best I've found is a Gwaltney Ready To Cook. Store where I usually shop has them on sale every couple of months, and I always grab one when they do. Don't know how easy to find they are; other stores here don't sell them.
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I have avoided using fully cooked hams. I always use whole ham uncooked that way you cook it not heat it. Then you'll get a smoke ring and smoked flavor.
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First off, I love the woods you smoked that sucker with (maple and cherry). Bet that added a really nice flavor in addition to that rub you threw on there! If I send some $ will you send me a ham sammie?? biggrin.gif
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How long does it take to smoke a "ready to cook" ham? Might want to try that.
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Good looking ham. I usually buy Cook's brand. They are only partially cooked.
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Time Smoked

I actually did this just like I would an uncooked ham. I smoked it between 225 and 250 for bout 5 hrs or until it was 160 inside.

As you can see though, bout 1 hour into it I had to tie it up. I was afraid it would split too much and fall off my spit.
Another thing I was amazed about was that it wasn't dry.
I've only been smoking for over a year now but what I've found out about the rubs is that I cut the salt in half. I've done this to accomodate my taste but I haven't had any complaints yet from anyone yet. It also seems that alot of the neighborhood decides to take their evening walks about the time the smoken is done.
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Looks really good! From the pic it looks like you have an excellent bark on there. Nice. I will have to try something like this at some point. Thanks for the pics!!

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Checking my smoking log, it seems to run about 45-50 minutes a pound at 300-325.
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