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Patty pan squash

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A friend gave my wife a few patty pan squash.

They are about 8"-10" in diameter & look like they would be great to grill or smoke. Does anyone have any experience?
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Sorry never heard of them. sure someone will be along to help
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Wow, those are some good sized patty pans. I love those. I've never tried them smoked or grilled but it sounds good. cool.gif
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This is the first I've hard of those type of squash. What do they taste like? Zucchini?
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They are also known as Summer Squash & have a fairly mild taste, similar to Crookneck / Yellow squash.

I bet ones that size would be good on the smoker hollowed out & re-stuffed with a mixture of the insides of the squash, eggs scrambled & shredded cheddar cheese.

Damn, I need to see if I can find some now. biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the clarification, Ice. In addition to zucchini I also love yellow squash. I'll have to check around the local farmers markets to see if anyone has some of these.
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Never heard of those but I sure like my spaghetti squash cut in half with some brown sugar sprinkled on them - these would be about the right size for nice little snack!
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A little late for your post but I grow them, grill and smoke them all the time.
Here is how I do it:

Hollow them out like you would a pumpkin, saving the top.
I fill them with butter, brown sugar, shredded coconut, and pecans. Top with a bit of nutmeg and put the top back on. When grilling I wrap the bottom in foil. Pop them on the grill till done or put them in the smoker part way through a smoke. I eat them skin and all.
Be creative they stuff well.

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I have neither seen or heard of them things anywhere that I can recall but now you have intreeged me so I will keep an eye out for them and make sure you let us know how they came out.
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In my experience, slightly firm and nutty flavor.  Excellent, though I have never grilled.  Great idea!!!

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