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Grill temp with Probes instead of therms

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Making some changes to my offset. I wanted to add two stem themometers but can't find them locally.

Can a digital themometer with a probe be used to monitor the air temperature inside the grill?

Maybe add a holder for the probe too?
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Welcome to the site Meatchef.
Many, many folks here use a digital thermo to keep watch on the chamber temperature.
Usually placed in a potato or a piece of wood to keep it off the grates, but yes, you could do that.
Would love to see some pics of the work you decided to do.
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I have known people to drilling holes in there grills that is the same size as the thermometer probe, digital or not, and just putting the thermometer in the hole for a chamber temp. I suppose you could put some silicone calk around it too if you want it sealed.
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Welcome to SMF .
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oh yea alot of us here use probes for ambient temps.
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Yes, you can do that. Also, Bass Pro or Cabella's have some fairly inexpensive 2 to 3 in. screw in therms. @-1/2in. stem and I believe 3/4in. hole needed. Mine were Brinkman therms. ,but need in a hurry. will get Tru-temp later.
good smoking and happy 4th.
Stan aka Old School BBQ biggrin.gif
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I always use a probe, put it in an orange, potato, onion, whatever is on the counter
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I used to use a digital therm for chamber temps until I got Tru-Tel therms. Now they are all I use in my offset.
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