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Temperature Control

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Hey there i have a medium sized horizontal charbroil smoker and i cant seem to keep the temperature over 200.. starting off i use that competition charcoal with a chimney starter.. more charcoal?
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More charcoal is probably the answer. Is all you are using is one chimney full? If that is the case then yes more charcoal is the answer.
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I had the same problem on my first smoke yesterday. More fuel means more heat. I am going to add one unlit chimney to my bowl, then pour a hot chimney over it. That should help I think.
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tell me how it goes.. im not gonna be smokin until this weekend! i figured that was the problem because there isnt really that much charcoal after they turn white and poured.
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Just as he said. Only one chimney full isn't nearly enough to get the heat going.
I dump some charcoal into the firebox, make somewhat of a well in the center then pour a chimney full of hot coals into the center and in a few minutes I'm ready to go.
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Here you go guys a couple of articles by Jeff that will help explain the charcoal process a little better

How to Build a fire with Charcoal

And here is Jeffs Blog, if you scroll down and look for "Fire Control in a CharBroil Smoker " it will explain the minion method

Good Luck and Happy Smokes
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While heat is a product of fuel and time, recognize that charcoal isn't the only facture of fuel; oxygen is as well. One chimney starter is well enough to exceed 400-500 degrees with enough ventilation, though, the duration will be decreased. I mention this because you need to make sure that you have enough ventilation to draw air into the charcoal stoking the fire to your desired temperature. You can dump 2 bags of coals in the firebox but if air can't reach the burning embers, your temperatures will actually go down.

Things like baskets and blower fans can be used to increase flow to your fuel sources and thereby increase your temperatures. A basket allows your ash to fall away from the heat source and reduces choking. A blower increases the amount of air that can be drawn in to the system which increases temperatures. Be careful though, most smokers are designed for a natural draw. If you pump too much air in there, you can gen an inferno on your hands pretty quick.
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Sure sounds like everyone is on the same page here. One chimeny of charcoal might cook a few burgers on the grill but not near enough for a smoke. I fill my side fire box with unlit charcoal with wood chunks mixed in with them. them about a half a lit chimeny goes into the well in the center of the box. It doesn't take long and I am up and running.The Minion method works great give it a try.
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