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Reverse Flow Build - Page 2

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Yes it is!
I used the 6" sprinkler pipe to get my hole cut and sized right. I picked up a piece of sch 40 6" pipe to weld on for the stack at a job last week.
It's funny you tell people what I need the stuff for and they say "your building a large smoker, sure you can have it" icon_lol.gif
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I look at this and think how spoiled I am with all the toys I have around the house,,, kinda takes my excuses away!! :)

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Got a little more done this weekend
The intake slides are ready on both sides, I can remove the bolt if I need to ever take them off and work on them.

Here is a shot of the firebox ready with the door all fixed up and 3 intake holes on it. It has a 1" solid Sq strong back X welded on the inside. I still need to put a latch/handle and a handle for the intake.

Here it is welded on the Pit

I also cut the sch40 6" stack to the shape of the curve and have it tacked on and ready to weld up. Its 29 1/2" above the smoker, now to get my cap ready next.

Here is a shot of the piece of 2" x 1/4" angle iron drain welded in and waiting on the reverse flow 1/4" plates on each side. they slope in from each side to the angle, and the angle slopes away from the firebox to the end with a 2" drain pipe.

The other end with the 2" pipe drain connected.

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's on the board!

Here is what I done so far this weekend.

A shot of the damper with strongback's welded on.

Here is a shot of it installed closed.


Here is the Reverse Flow Plate all welded in, this took some time to complete. (drain end)

Firebox end

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Wow. That's all I can say! It looks like it's coming along great!
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ClinchMtn, you and BBQEngineer are my heroes!!! I am enjoying following your progress.

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I can't wait to see this baby in action.
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That's a hell of a start you got there... Keep us posted on the build... Can't wait to see the finished product...
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thats impressive! to whoever can answer this, what does reverse flow refer to?
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good ? there are a lot of good builds on this site that you can search. the reverse flow method is having the heat and smoke flow under a baffel all the way across the cooken area then back across the top to the vent. the heat source and the vent are both on the same side the baffle make it go all the way around for better heat and smoke distribution. try it you'll like it.
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A BBQ work of art!
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Awesome build this thing is going to be sweet.

Why is it anytime I look at one of these threads it makes me want to make my own smoker like that? I am not an engineer or an arcithect nor do I ever cook for more than 10 people at a time, so I don't need anything like that but I sure want one.
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Thanks All! Getting a lot done so far today I will have more to post Sun.

scmelik, sounds like a good excuse to build one to mePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Get Busy!!!!!!
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Excellent looking rig you got going there. Thats a great idea with the angle iron sloping to a drain. The next one I build will be a reverse flow and I'll probably "borrow" that design. Until I got on this board I'd never even heard of a reverse flow much less seen one so it should be interesting making one from scratch.
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This is an awesome thread and you are mad talented! I too am enjoying the progress...Keep it up and have a great 4th of July!
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Here is what I have done since last post.
Welded on the counter weights (still need to add weight inside of them)
Grates for the 250 gal tank (still need to weld handles on)
Door handles are welded on ( going to do a little woodturning for the handles)
Warmer/smoker tank is tacked on ( lots left to do on this)
I pressure washed the inside and fired her up to dry it off.
I plan to season the inside tomorrow and do a cook for the 4th PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
still lots to work on, but at least I can use it now!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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WOW, that's a great piece of work!

Hope the 4th of July goes great for you!!

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That is an awesome looking smoker!
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Scotland and the food

Hello RodC,
I see that you're from Scotland. Have you ever tried smoking Haggis or Scottish Eggs? Or anything else that is considered a Scottish dish cooked over a Bar-Be-Cue Smoker.icon_smile.gif
Thomas Young
Member of Clan Youngbiggrin.gif
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hey clinch, have ya got any pics with the paint job yet? would like an update. maybe some qview!
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