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beef clod with qview

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got a half of a beef clod yesterday, the half wieghed in at just under 11 pounds. nice hunk of flesh, nice marbling and not too thin and not too thick a fat cap on it.

rubbed worsey sauce and mustard on it.

made a rub using kosher salt, cbp, cummin, paprika, ancho chili, and some smittees.

prepared a drip pan, sliced up a large onion, sprinkled with the little bit a the rub i had left over and added some beef stock.

and into the smoker, 225 deg and using cherry for smoke.

here we are 12 hours later and stuck in plateau at 150 deg internal.

the plan is to take it to 193 degrees and slice some and pull some. i never did one a these before but found a website that caught my fancy. used there rub recipie and plan on following there recomendations all the way through.

plan on serving with some coleslaw and corn on cob for supper tonite. will finish up with final pics when done.
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Erain, that looks great so far. Always wanted to try one of those. Final pics and product will be nice I'm sure
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That looks great.. Good job erain..
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Looking good Erain. I bet its gonna be mighty tasty.
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That looks great, Erain. Looking forward to seeing it when it's done. smile.gif
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Looking forward to seeing the finished product -
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Boy that thing sure looks good.
Gotta try adding some rub to the drip pan, nice idea and should add great flavor.
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Looks great - Was it tender?
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Lookin good Erain, can't wait to see the finished product!
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Great looking hunk o beef Erain. Biggins like that can take some time but I bet it will be well worth the wait. Got a name for it yet? How about McClod. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thats a great looking what you macallit. cann't what to see the finish.
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mmm mmmm mmmm good. That's looks like a beauty erain.

Points for another fine smoke outta you!
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Looks like a shoulder clod. Where the chuck and shoulder roasts come from and also the top blades

Can't wait to see the finished product.

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You always make the best food, erain! Great post and looking forward to the finished beef~ drooling here PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Your sides sound great, too. ..
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Looks great.That beef looks awesome already.
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I just ate and now I'm hungry again! Nice lookin hunka hunka meat. I'll check back in after the Wings game.
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here the finish...
so we took it up to 193 just like the video said, covered the foil pan containing the roast with foil and let rest covered in a towel for 45 min while corn was getting done.


after the rest...

put the knife to it. sweet!!! sliced the heart of the roast.

and pulled the ends. made a finishing sauce with some balsamic and drippings.

made some coleslaw.

and smoked some sweet corn.

my supper.

thks for cking my pix!!!
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As usual buddy. Great!!points.gif
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Very nice.
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifbang up Job Erain.
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