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Smoked Meatloaf w/ Q-View

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Decided on the way home I wanted to smoke some meatloaf. Did it one time before and was great. Here it is. Loaded it with onion and peppers, which I like. Sitting at about 140 right now. More pics to come...

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Ah Man!....why did you post that! Louie is on my butt fer some! Just nice!
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Nice pair you got there, and a pair does beat an ace! Lookin' good!

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Thanks. Here is the final pic. Tastes real good. Need to smoke more meat loaf.

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Looks good. smile.gif Smoked meatloaf is a favorite in my house.
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Wow! That looks awesome!
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What a great set you have there.
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Looks really nice!! Meatloaf is one of my favorites too!!
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That looks awesome nice job on some fine eating!!
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Looks great!!
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Great looking meatloaf Cajun! Is it too late to beg for leftovers?
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Excellent looking meatloaf.No jalapenosicon_lol.gif
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I've been wanting to do meatloaf in the worst way but have to curtail it this year for a while till I get some of this weight from last year off.
Your bbq looks really really good!!
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Thanks to everyone. Jeanie there are a few slices left. No japs,,,used Anahiems...canned 6 more jars of japs today....
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sawheat smoke ya did loaf looked great thanks for the qview
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Cajun, I gota tell you that is some fantastic looking meatloaf that makes my mouth water! And I don't ordinarily like have created a masterpiece of beef and flavor. Thanks for sharing your pics, would you share your recipe?

Points for you , sir! points.gif
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Thanks Rivet. I kind of threw it together. 2 packets of meatloaf seasoning, one onion, 6 anaheim peppers, 4 eggs, cajun seasoning, 1 cup of milk, 1 cups of breadcrumbs, 4 pounds or so of chuck...think that's about it. Pretty sure those are the amounts. Followed the back of the meatloaf seasoning packet.
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