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3-2-1 Spare Method

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been doing a lot of reading on the different posts. i have a grasp of the 3-2-1 method for spares and understand this method will vary depending on preference, but is there something you should be looking for in the ribs that will signal the time to foil? in other words, aside from using the standard 3 hours, what are you looking for in the ribs to know it's time to foil? just trying to understand the process and not go by the dreaded "time".

i feel i have got the pork butt's down pretty well and am venturing into the ribs this weekend. any feedback would be appreciated. thanks in advance!
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Personally I wait for about a 1/4" pull back then foil.
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^^^what he said^^^
watch for the meat to start shrinking and revealing the bone on the ends
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thanks guys. that's the answer i was looking for! much appreciated.
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I read a very interesting article that completely debunked the idea of using 1/4 inch pull back as an accurate sign of anything.

But, I go by 1/4 inch as a guideline too. Hasn't failed me yet!
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remember to mop/spray every hour til you foil to keep em moist.
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