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Wood ?

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I was left a couple of logs at the place we live a guy told me they were hickory and cherry..

Does these chucks look like those types??

and is it usable?
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I have always been told as long as the wood isn't soft, it's fine, taking for granted it is seasoned and dry. NOt sure on the type of wood you got though.
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Can ya tell us where you are from, that help's narrow. One look's like hickory, ain't got a good bead on the other.
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From my view the second picture looks like dry wild cherry-the bark is hard for me to see completely clear.I use wild cherry alot.First pic might be hickory but aged.Looks like some spalting on wood from exposure and moisture.Both woods look aged... i would do a burn test etc. and see how it smokes.Good luck.
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Bunky, the second one is definitely cherry, I have a bunch of it in my backyard seasoning that we had recently cut down, the inside and bark it is definitely cherry, first pic I can't help you there.
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The 2nd pic is definately cherry and the first pick LOOKS like hickory to me.
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Looks good, light it up! One way to tell if you are unsure, at the tail end of your next smoke, throw on some brats and a chunk of your wood. Judge by the smell of the smoke and taste of the food. You should be able to smell cherry smoke, and same with hickory. Then taste the brats that come off, and go from there. That way you don't waste a whole brisket or butt just to find out you have a noxious wood.
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