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hey partyshack. You shouldn't hijack a thread if you want more replies but I know a guy that has one kinda like yours. I think he told me he paid $1200 for his 10 years ago!! He gets that sucker hot and doesn't even smoke with the horizontal part. He puts all his food in the vertical!
What's the story behind yours?

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sorry i wasn't trying to hijack you. I was just giving you a pic of a 1/4 inch thick oklahoma joes. Plus its not really for sale. You can't find these things
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That is the Ranger Model with the verticle, there was a 20 inch one close to me recently for $1000 and it only lasted two days on craigslist.
The 16 inch version is $1479 and the 20 inch are $1825 brand new at the local horizon dealer, anyone that tells you OK Joes are different than horizons should do a little research, Roger Davidson the owner of Horizon was the production manager for OK Joes and is brother to Joe Davidson, the Joe in OK Joes, so technically you can get the exact same thing, just under a different name.
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Nice score Beard, can't wait to see pics. You are sure gonna like that OK Joe.
I love mine.

I will be away until Monday...headed out to the lake again, hope to see some pics when I get back
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Just an hour after my " if you don't grab it.... " post icon_lol.gif
Congrats !! Looks like you done did good cool.gif
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That's a fact!
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thanks for the info, as a matter of fact Joe saw ours at bixby and was talking it up. Joe is cooking out of the royal oak trailer now
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I sold my double door TODAY! I put it on CL and it sold the very next day. I will miss that smoker. That's the one I bought exactly 1 year ago and I smoked a butt along with some ribs each and every week!! 52 butts in 52 weeks. That grill was still like brand new and the make shift (deflector)broiler pan held up the entire time. I'll be smoking a butt in my Oklahoma Joe in the morning and I'm anxious to see the differences between the two. I hope my Okie Joe will smoke longer between loads.
I kinda wish that I kept my Char-Broil but oh well!


Ps, txbbqman, looks like we'll have some stuff to talk about when you get back.
PPS, I guess I will dump my old avitar and put up my new, old , Okie Joe.
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Come on now, where's the pics
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days later even....biggrin.gif
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It's Monday PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

How was the lake ?
Oh yea , and about those pics ???? ...
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OK, here's my Oklahoma Joe, 20 incher.

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Awesome Looking smoker ya got there graybeard, looks mighty familiar

This is mine, looks like the same model

The lake was awesome as usual, good food, cold beer, and caught plenty of fish
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