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MossyMO's venison bacon

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I had ordered the kit long ago, but I finally got around to making a 10-lb batch of the venison bacon that MossyMO made famous. It was easy and it turned out great. Here's a couple pics. Threw a couple pieces on the grill to eat with dinner and it was awesome! Ate'em too quick to get a picture. Thanks MossyMO!

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I've been meaning to try that for a long time. Like you, just haven't gotten around to doing it. Looks excellent!
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Looks great! I've never tried venison bacon before . . . does it taste like a lean pork bacon at all, or something completely different?

Thanks for the post.

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To me it tastes and smells very similar, except that the overall texture and taste is very uniform whereas with traditional bacon you have areas of meat and areas of fat. This is ground, so you get the good flavor from the fat, but not mouthfuls of the fat itself.
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Real nice lookin bacon the to do list here also.
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Sounds very good. Where did you find that kit ? I rather to make things from stratch it just seems to taste better to me. I make my own mayo, corned beef, peanut butter and many more
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MossyMO showed the way a few years back. Here's the thread:

The kit is from Curley's Sausage Kitchen.
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Looks excellent, now avoid the temptation of letting freinds and relatives try it; as they will be begging you to make some for them !!!

Congrats, I was wondering if you had tried this yet.
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