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Scalloped Potatoes

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Hi All,
I going to smoke up a meatloaf today and I was thinking of doing scalloped potatoes on the top rack. Has anyone done scalloped potatoes before???? Thank Prism
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I haven't done them on the smoker, but there's no reason why it wouldn't work. Sounds great. Don't forget the Qview and let us know how everything turns out.
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Qview will be posted in a few hours, here and under beef. Bassman I'm from Rochester NY but have a family(in law) in Grand Junction. I will have to look you up on the next visit....
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I think I'm a little late for a reply but irishteabear made a link to her post:
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or you can use one of the box mixes, just follow the instructions on the box, and set under a pork butt to catch a few drippings... add some sliced onions, ham, precooked bacon, whatever you think of... and add a bunch of shredded cheese on top. quick and easy and makes a great side. do it all the time.
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I hope that posting a link to another forum is OK. I know it's OK to do on the forum that I linked...

This is a really good recipe for scalloped taters. Just did some up last night.
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When you're here, you're a long way from home!biggrin.gif Feel free to PM me and I'd gladly make you a Crown Royal any way you like it (Provided you come here to get it)!
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