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Smoked chops!

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OK - did a brisket for the first time yesterday and it came out great (to my surprise)! So I was doing some reading and saw you can do chops. Just so happen to have some. So I'm smokin' again today! I was reading about to brine or not to brine. I have a simple little brine that I decided to use. It won't hurt anything to try. It may or may not help -- but it sure won't hurt (I don't think).

Now for a silly question that I didn't see -- or I missed in all of this information -- do you flip your chops half was through or so (like on the grill)? Planning on taking these off around the 145 degree mark.

I love poppers, too. Just so happens I have the stuff for that too. So I just might be doing double duty on the smoker today!
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I don't think it is neccesary to flip over, wouldn't hurt though.
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No you don't have too flip meat on the smoker. I'm glad that your briscket came out well for you. You just need to learn your next lesson and that is Qview we all like to see how things comw out.
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I did a qview for the brisket. Did you miss it? Or did I not do it right and people can't see it?
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no it's not nessecary to flip your chops. Congrats on your brisket glad it turned out good.
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