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Heres my beer fridge it holds 1- 50 litre and 4 -19 litre and 1- 9 litre kegs
I have just added another tap
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Nice looking rig you have there!
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good Job

that looks real nice nothing like a cold beer you made yourself
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Wow... You are my new hero!

Great post!

Im going to brew this weekend now thanks to you!
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Glad I could help!
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So, you didn't say what style beer that is? I've been planning to build a kegerator, just waiting for a free fridge to fall in my lap... Brewing a simcoe/amarillo IPA this month. Can't wait!
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The one I just did was an apple ale. Turned out great for my first all my friends really liked it. Thus why its already gone :(
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hip hip hurray!! FINALLY got my freaking parts in and was able to finish my kegerator up.

I think im over all pretty happy with it. I need to get a different fitting for my bare knuckle tap so it fits on the tap much better

Also I started my new hefe yesterday he is doing well sitting in the dark fermenting. I was getting worried usually after you pitch the yeast it takes off within a few hours. I woke up this morning and it was looking dead as hell.

So I had nightmares about it not taking off and that I somehow contaminated the beer or the ten million other things that could have gone wrong.

But I got back from class at 1 was about ready to get some dry yeast ready to go and went up to check it and it was going CRAZY! I was excited.

Here was the brew station.

Oh and this was what I was after but one up it

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