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Kegerator build

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Since I know we have a few home brew fellas (because brewing and smoking seem to go directly hand in hand) I figured I would show some progress on my mini kegerator that I am currently in the process of building.

First I had to cut off the front door because it took up WAY to much space plus its going to be used for holding beer, not junk.

Pic of it cut off. The reason I had to do that was to give the seal some support with the plastic outside, It was to floppy all by its self. But I decided to make a fiberglass front to replace that. (i will get pics of it up soon)

down the front

My PVC supplies for the tower

Inside gutted, I also had to take the sides off b/c of the ridges that came out to hold up racks. Yet again its holding beer not junk. I did all this with a dremel and a cutting bit and was VERY careful on the inside walls because the coolant lines run around in the side walls.

So far this is all I have, I have the front fiberglass cover done and will get pics of that. And I will get going on fiber glassing the sides of the fridge this week.
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Looks good so far. I know you will enjoy that frosty brew.
I made a full size conversion last year. Here is a link to it... http://www.micromatic.com/forum/us-e...e-r-t-o-r.html
If you have any questions, let me know.
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You guys are too fancy for me.

I just made a wooden platform shelf to hold the keg along with drilling a single hole in the side of the fridge.

Got me a drip tray, but I wouldn't call that fancy.

Love my kegerator.
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Awesome! I am not a homebrewer (I did buy a Mr. Beer but only used it once in 3 years), but I still would like a kegerator some day for a keg of Schlitz or Spotted Cow.
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I have seen this before! That is a BAMF kegerator!

The only parts I dont have are the shanks and faucets which I need to find a good place to pick some up.
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You can get whatever you need from the same site. It's where I got all my hardware. Just go to this... Beer Equipment Store
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Alright the work continues!

I had a few issues, first clearly the sides that have little groves in them to hold the trays had to come out. The temp control was right where I need a keg to go. And the cooling tray was just a little to low to fit my keg in. Good thing I know a guy...

I cut a new groove for the temp control line and then fiber glassed that side.

For the top piece I just unscrewed it from where it was. Pushed it up and screwed it back in, pretty simple

Then cut my hole in top and caulked my toilet drain in.

The inside

Then after it cured I mounted my new location for the temp control box

For the sides I used mat fiberglass I used weave for the front door panel that I did. Then spray painted it black.

The first time around I lost my SD card so I could not take pics so I figured this time around I would.

First layer laid out

resin on

second layer, got a bit rushed toward the end because I used a tad to much hardener and it started to gum up on me but alas I got it.

Wax paper on

looks like some kegs are going to fit in there!

So thats all I have for now. I need to make a run to pick up some wood to make a top for it. So I will have more on that when I get there.
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Awesome!!! Very creative build. When the beer is primed and cold send some Iowa way . . . ok? :)

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Shoot...Nice job!!!! Thanks for the pics!!cool.gif
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Nice build going on. Thanks for the picscool.gif
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Nice job Ben! Let us know how the beer flows!
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I like it so far, ya doin good! Louie would kick my ass if I started another project. I'll keep this at 99 out of 100 things to do!
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Well I just got back down to school and set up shop. So far this is what I have fellas

Here is the top I made for it that I was telling ya about

The inside

Here is what a the tower will look like. My shanks and faucets that were being shipped apparently they didnt have my apt # sooo it has been delayed. Anyway when it gets in I will punch the holes and get them installed. SOOO close once I get them in im going to keg.

My beer has been fermenting for 3 weeks and has been in the secondary for 2 so im ready to get this show on the road.

Here are the tap handles I have for it.
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Nice top Ben - So close I can almost taste the brew!
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Things are looking good. cool.gif

You might have to set up a small blower in the freezer section to blow cold air up into the tower to prevent any foaming problems that could pop up.
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Got that covered!

I got a computer fan and i took an old cell charger and attached it to the fan. Presto chilled tower.
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Little update

beer going to its new home

In and starting to carb

Ahh yes, nothing like cleaning up in style, good beer, clean brewing supplies and de-thawing ribs!
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Ok here is the finished product

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Nice job....Pass me a brewski...
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Awesome setup
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