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Newbie from Iowa

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I found this forum while doing a search to find more info on my new grill. I just got a Char Griller's their gas model. We also bought the side fire box for it, because the sticker on the grill at Menards said you could! However, the Char Griller website doesn't even mention the 3001, and doesn't list it as being one of the compatible grills with the SFB. So I was worried about whether this would actually work or not, but I guess at least one person here has this rig! I just want to make sure I'm not going to blow anything up.

I originally just wanted to be able to use charcoal once in awhile--usually we just go with the convenience of a gas grill, but sometimes I really miss having charcoal. I've also been fascinated with smokers, but would probably not use it enough to warrant buying a freestanding unit. So when I saw this all in one rig, it seemed like a good solution.

I know absolutely nothing about smoking meats, so I'm excited to find this forum so I can learn how to use this option. Any suggestions on something easy I can try? Today we'll finish assembling everything and seasoning it all, but hopefully I'll be ready to cook on it tomorrow.

Thanks for the forum...I'm looking forward to learning from you all!

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Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for all your smoking information. Just start reading through the posts and sign up for Jeff's 5 day e-course on smoking (it's free).
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welcome to SMF cris,glad u found us.I don't have your smoker but some in here do and will respond to your questions.there alot of info in here and alot of good folk to help ya will enjoy the art of smoking.
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Welcome! Lots of great info and folks here! Plus, there are a number of Iowans too. :)

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Welcome from another IOWAIN, Nevada area.

What part of the great state ya from>?
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Welcome to SMF, Chris. Glad you joined us. You'll learn a lot here.
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Welcome Chris! Good to have you aboard!
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Chris - glad to have you with us at SMF. Jump right in and ask questions if ya got em.

Check out the free, 5-day ecourse offered through the site. It'll give ya some guidelines to get that smoker up and running pretty quickly, and safely.

Good luck, and again, welcome!
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Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm near Iowa City, Smokebuzz.

Today we're finishing up the assembly. I had a Sunbeam rotisserie sitting around here that's never been used...I got it at a resale shop for $8, and it didn't fit our old grill. Well, all the screw-holes lined up perfectly on the Char Griller, so I attached that too. Trouble is, hubby is finding it dang near impossible to punch out the side holes on the hood where the rotisserie needs room to spin. I'd better manage to make something decent on it, or he'll never forgive me! I'm guessing I'll have to put foil over them when I'm not using the rotisserie.

I have to say that some of the directions are a little less than clear, especially with attaching the SFB to the 3100 model! Hubby is doin' a little cussin' out there! :-)

Wish us luck....

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Wavin' at you from WI, enjoy the forum, there is so much good info and smart people here.
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Hello Chris, welcome to the greatest smoking site on the planet! Lot of good stuff and helpful folks around here to help you out on your lifelong voyage...
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Almost done! We just have to attach the lid now. Hubby had to use all sorts of tools to get the rotisserie holes done. He ended up drilling a bunch of little holes around it to "perforate" it, and finally got them out. Now he's using a dremel to smooth them out. Those suckers would NOT come out.

Hopefully it will be done and seasoned in time to make some burgers tomorrow night. I figure I'll start with something easy so I can get a feel for how it handles. Our old grill was on its last leg, so I cooked everything on high!

Thanks again for all the welcomes. I'm sure I'll have some questions once I'm up and running!

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