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The biggest thing with getting the tbs is to run a small hot fire. The exhaust stack should be fully open at all times using the intake to control temps.

This thread helped me in fire management.
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Great job there cajun I bet that will have many many good smokes in that rig.
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Thanks RickW, I will soak that up and try a little tweaking for my 4th of July smoke. Doing a brisket, Pork Butts and some ribs.
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You're most welcome, good luck.
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Nice work,
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good job still waiting on the 4th qview.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
but I guess ya didnt say what year.biggrin.gif
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Very impressive build and qview!
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Real nice build. I would imagine it would retain heat better than my thin barrel smoker. I have a couple on the drawing board now that I'm workin on. Using thicker material.
Great Job!
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Nice smoker. Very nice in fact. Do you think those shelves are gonna be strong enough? LOL. Where's that Qview you promised? Love to see that beast in action.

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I love the "nerf bar" 4x4 style shelves,AWESOME build,man my mouth is watering just thinking about my build! will post some pics as I go.

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