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Homebuilt to almost perfection. Used an old air compressor and typical things lying around a shop. Burned out the inside to get a good seasoning and maxed out the temperature. Removed the old paint with paint remover and a steel sandpaper bit. Spray painted with 6 cans of High heat paint.

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It is ALIVE!!! icon_eek.gif

Nice work. Don't forget to share the Qveiw. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking smoker. Congrats on getting it finished for the holiday.
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Nice work PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice build, I like it.
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That thing looks really good. Nice job.
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Very nice!!
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WOW, nice rig!
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Daggone that is one good looking smoker. Your shelves and supports are A-OK, my friend! That thick support tubing gives it an awesome look.
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great looking smoker

is that a stainless stack? if so great welding job.
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Nice lookin rig. That's about the size I'd like.

How close are the temps at the 2 ends reading during use?
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Nice work sescoyote, looks great!
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YEAH! Thats is the neatest smoker I 've seen. just needs a touch of the reverse flow . BUT I really like the "overbuilt" look witht eh large DIA tubes and metal grate. nice balence! Give us a Q/view when your using it. !

All the BEST!
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Very nice build!
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Maude is in love!!!! Nice rig.icon_eek.gif
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Yes it is a stainless stack. The welds are top notch and it came out great.
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I'm still trying to figure things out. The left seems be off by a couple of degrees. I am fairly new to smoking and I am looking for the soft blue smoke. Controlling the temperature is my biggest problem so far. I am not sure now much gap to leave on the top damper or how much air intake to let in on the box.
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Thanks, I am going to smoke a brisket and some Boston Butts for the 4th, I will do a Qview then.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.
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Uh Huh

Very nice build.

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cqql looking smoking smoker, thanx for the pics
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