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Grilled Pork Chops

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I've started a cooking blog on my company's website Since I am sure I will be gleaning lots of smoking information from here that is used, it's only fair I make sure everyone can check out the final product. QView+ if you will. And don't worry, if I use anything good from the forums here, I always give links back with attribution.

Also I'm interested in feedback...local media, in this form, is a relatively new thing. Despite my partner and I's past experience and all of the research we put in to this project, we know that we're not going to get everything perfect at the beginning.
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Good looking grub! Those O-rings look pretty dang good too!
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Hey RonDiaz,

Good looking plate-o-food ya got there. Good luck with your project.

A couple observations about your pics...

How do you like the Royal Oak Steakhouse? I have never seen the green bag royal oak, or else I would have some in my garage to try. Where did you pick that up, and how pricey was it? Have you used regular red bag royal oak, and if so how did it compare?

I see you are using some Schlitz beer in your batter...Since they went back to the original formulation that made them famous, I asked a guy at the local liquor store about it, and he said it is his new favorite beer. I had to try it, and I have since bought more of it. It is pretty darn good, and I will probably be drinking more of it this summer. What are your thoughts on the original recipe Schlitz?
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The O-Rings are so good, I don't know if I will ever bother ordering in a restaurant again, as cheap and good and easy as these were. Pretty soon I won't be going out to eat at all everything I make at home will be better. :-)

BBQEngineer I'll be answering your question shortly.
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Sorry for taking 300 years to reply BBQEngineer.

The Royal Oak is OK. This is my first bag and only second bag of lump ever. It heated up very fast and burned hot and fast. Faster than Kingsford briquettes that I usually use. It was cheap is why I bought it. That bag was $4.99 at the Menards I was at (buying my electric smoker :-) )

As for the Schlitz, I like it. It's not as good as the many tasty microbrews you can get now, but then who is expecting it to be? It's got a little punch of flavor which puts it above any of the standard Bud/Miller/Coors swill that people guzzle so lovingly. I'll plow through some Keystone if I have to, but its 1/3 cheaper than the brands I just referred to. Anyways if your looking for a decently priced macrobrew I'd go for the Schlitz, and remember it's the beer that made Milwaukee famous.
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I met a guy years ago at a VFW dinner that marinated his steaks in Schlitz and Swamp Seasoning. What a great steak he put out. He swore he tried other beers but it was the Schlitz that made the difference.

I love a good thick grilled pork chop and I love the idea of that asparagus and onion ring compliment. Looks like I now have Saturday dinner planned. Thanks for sharing!
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Good grief, what good looking food! I love asparagus and yours did justice to the plant! Great looking rings and chops too. Thanks for the info on the I wanna go get some!
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I agree with Rivet! Awesome idea for grilling asparagus. I usually drizzle mine with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper to taste and grill on high heat just long enough to get some nice grill marks. But the bacon is genius - love it!
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gonna have to buy me a six pack and see how that is now!
Nice pics,man im hungry!!
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Very nice looking plate of food there Ron. I like the chops and the asparigus looks really yummy. I used that beer batter on fish also.
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