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New and Confused

Poll Results: WSM or GOSM gas?

Poll expired: Jun 21, 2009 This is a multiple choice poll
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I have been researching smokers for a few weeks now, yes I over analyze these things, trying to decide what to get. I have narrowed it down to either a GOSM gasser or the WSM. Price wise they are around $50 of one another so i am not worried about cost. I have never smoked before and do not want to be discouraged either. I want to do brisket primarily, pulled pork, beef roasts (prime rib), ribs and the occasioanal chicken.

I have read a lot about both smokers but would appreciate thoughts and experience with these.
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I have had the use of a WSM for a couple weekends now, and am either thinking of buying a new one, or buying this used one off the owner.

So far the food comes off the WSM as good as I have gotten off of my chargriller offset, with alot less work, messing with the temps, adding fuel, etc. The only limit of the WSM is the capacity imho.

I have never considered a propane powered smoker, I prefer the lump charcoal, and wood fueled smokers so I have no opinion on the GOSM.

good luck with your purchase
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First of all welcome! I am not familiar enough with your choices to chime in other than I am a charcoal fan. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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GOSM be an excellent unit, not set it an forget it, but ya don't have ta baby sit it either. I run a caterin an cash an carry business (yes, small, but growin) with it.

Good consistancy an ease of use.

Just my two coppers worth.
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It really depends on the type of smoker you want. They both are good smokers. I have a GOSM and really like it the propane makes smoking pretty easy
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Gas smoker

I have had both the barrel with offset fire box and the el cheapo brinkman, and now use the Great Smokey Mountain propane smoker. It works great and is much easier to use ie less tending etc. Nad it gives great results.

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Piney has covers it in a good and simple manner. I also use a GOSM big block, and my reason of choice is simplicity, capacity, and not much of a learning curve, Being in a wheelchair, it fits my needs. Good luck my friend.
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Thanks for the reply, do you use chunks or chips?
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Ifin I'm runnin a real low temp say fer hams, I'll use chips (dry) fer any other smokin I use chunks.

Fer low temps the chips seem ta burn easir fer me, When usin chunks on low smokes they don't seem ta wanna burn real well. Just my two coppers worth.
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I have a WSM and wouldn't trade it for anything. It holds temps exceptionally well. I can often fill the water tank, get it dialed in and not touch it for around 6 hours or so. Then just futzing with the air vents, I can get another 4 or 5 hours out of a big load of charcoal.

Excellent little smoker.

That being said, my Dad has the GOSM gas smoker. I love it for its simplicity, less mess (ash and charcoal), and he gets great results.

A LOT of folks here have GOSM and just look around at the qvue.. clearly it does a great job.

The choice to me would be, do you want to use Charcoal or Gas?
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Well I definitely want simpler, this way I know I will do it. Been reading reviews about prime rib and mmmm i wanna do that this weekend, so I need to pull the trigger.

Does your dad just put some chunks in the pan, then water in the other pan and let it go? That is simple!
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome to SMF Sam - Sorry I can't help on the selection though!
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I don't have either, but I was just at the Trail Silver city days competition. There were 14 teams in the competition. A whole lot of people were using WSM cookers both the small one and the 22inch one. Most of the winners were using them, I was impressed as all get out by that.
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I have the WSM and the GOSM, I like the results of both.

On weeknights, after work when I don't have the time to start the WSM, I push the button, weekends, well, I love to be working around the house and smell the WSM chugging away all day.

Like it has already been said, it boils down to what you want to cook with, charcoal or propane, ...then again, why not one of each, after the neighbors and family tasted real bbq the capacity of the WSM just wasn't enough.

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Which ever you decide, get the largest capacity one you can afford.
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What he said!!
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Thanks for all the great responses. I really can not wait to smoke my firs brisket. I think the GOSM is the way to go for now. I have twin 15 month old girls and cant say that i will always have time to tend the WSM. It also sounds like the propane is a bit easier :) Time to make a brisket and some chix. I am on my way today to get the GOSM!!
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