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Need some advice

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Am thinking about buying a MES (the glass door model, 40" I think) I have read some reviews and although the unit seemed solid and well built to me, there were some negatives. I have noticed a lot of you have a MES and would like to know your opinion. Bob
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I LOVE MINE! I have it a year and smoked just about every thing with good results. Their customer service is top notch if you need them.
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During much debate about what new smoker I should get one of the things I was leaning towards was an MES, only problem was that they didn't carry the 40" anywhere around my area, only the 30 and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with 30.
I have heard and read great things about them and ronp always puts out beautiful smokes with his.
As with almost any smoker you can go out and easily purchase you will need to do a few mods to get it working at peak efficiency and how you would like it.
Good luck and let us know what you decide Bob.
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I would get it at Sam's Club and get the extended warranty just in case
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Wow...I just looked up the price at Sam's - $299. I have been looking a little ( icon_eek.gif ) at Bass Pro and they are "on sale" at $359. Seems like a good price - how much is the warranty?
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No mods with the MES.You can be smoking in 15 minutes, well after seasoning.

Good point Jerry, thanks, I forgot to mention that. 3 years for under 40 dollars., great insurance.
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i picked a 40" mes up at dirt cheap for like 40 or 50 dollars had to fix a connector(which i had read about on here) cost like 2.00 for stuff to do the fix. i've had it about 2 months and so far i've done probably 30 slabs and 15 butts and 5 or 6 chickens and i gotta tell you i love this bad boy!! if something happens to it i will for sure get another .
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MES is a good electric smoker or the money.

SAM's Club extended warranty purchases are money well spent. On many, numerous occasions (higher priced products) I have experienced that if I am having problems with the extended service contract and I let SAM's Club be aware of it; they will refund the purchase price including the tax and what I paid for the extended warranty price.

My wife and I have made quite a few purchases just because past experiences with SAM's Club customer service (top notch).
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Needd some advice

Thanks for all the advice. Sam's was where I saw the MES and will but it from there along with the extended warranty. I feel better noe about making the purchase.
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To anyone with a 40" in. MES - How does the view window hold up to the smoke? Is it a pain to keep clean?
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I spray with alcohol after each use. 4 sprays and wipes cleans it fine.
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Thanks Ron - I also just read that some people have had issue's with the electronics being outdoors in the cold. Do you store yours inside when not in use in the winter?

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No I have it on a covered patio. If you are in a cold region you could take the controller off and store in the house. 2 screws and unplug it. 2 minutes work if that.
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Great info - thanks again Ron. I don't think the wife would allow me to bring it into the bedroom at night to keep it warm!
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