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Pork Loin plus extras

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pork loin
honey garlic sausage
apple wood

split a pork loin in half, from one half i quartered it horizontally, then butterflied both pieces

the first one i did it with sausage and rolled it fatty style. then wrapped in bacon.

the second i just layed the sausage inside the pork loin then rolled it back up..wrapped in bacon

the 3rd one is the other half of the loin, simple rub on it - smoked until it hit 145*F

last one was leftover sausage meat,bacon,rolled,wrapped in bacon the rubbed.

all were very moist and very tasty.. my little 6 year old cousin said "I am not allowed to stop cooking for her ever ever..".. best compliment i have had in

the pics

all the pics are here..
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Nice looking loins, Teacup! Sounds good with the apple wood.
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Yum. Those look really good. Might have to add a pork loin to my smoking list this weekend. smile.gif
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Real nice teacup....they all look fantastic!!
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Very nice.Am hungry now..I will have to try this out.
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Looks great teacup! Looks like that UDS is working well for you! I love the smoke rings you get on the drums.
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Looks delicious Teacup! Great work and points for taking that one loin in several directions and for the compliment from the cousin!
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