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Lang Question #3

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How much of a difference does the qty of meat being cooked make and in what way will does it affect things. If I cooked 1 rack of ribs vs 20.....Or 200 pounds of butts vs 20...
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You'll use alot more fuel to maintain your chamber temps.....more meat will be drawing heat from the chamber.
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^^^ yep......what gene said
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Gene told you right!
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On that note, on Lang's website it says the 60 will hold 15 racks of ribs. Anybody have a pic of that many ribs on one 60? Or 20 butts for that matter?
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I had six racks on my 48 of St. Louis style racks and she wasn't half full. 6 racks from front to back with 1 inch or so overlap.
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