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thanks for the advice-1 more question

ok, so i did what yall told me about the wood chips and i did not soak them and i used chunks .....my bird was golden.....it was to die for!!!! :)

ok, so here is my next issue....i want to start making my own rub.....i think the rub i use may have too much sugar in it and it could be helping my ribs turn too dark.....

anybody want to recomend where to start on this???
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You may want to take a look at getting Jeffs rub that is offered here and with the 5 day e-course. I use it on a VERY regular basis and love it, you could also use it as a base and modify to your liking.

To get the best answers to this question I would start a new thread under the rub section that away more people will see it

Good Luck and Happy Smokes
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