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Pretty standard issue pics I usually put up. I've had such good luck with BBs, I'm afraid to try spares again. I've been smoking the BBs for about 3 hours, then into the oven at 225 until they hit 185-190 wrapped with apple juice.....they're fall off the bone, and not nearly as chewy as they are at 170ish. My questions is this....will spares do the same thing? Anyway, here's some pics of the prep and cooking of the BBs....the company devoured everything before I could get after pics. Thanks for looking, and thanks for the advice!! Go SMF!

No, I didn't drink all those beers while I cooked.......quite a few, but not that many!!
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Yeah I noticed that beer back there!!! Good stuff. Ribs look good!! So you probe the meat and stick it in the oven? Sounds like a plan. Don't be afraid of the spares. I do them no foil, smoke them for about 6 hours or until you can take some tongs and grab the middle of the rack and if they bend then they're done. They will have some pull to the meat but very tender. You can also try the 3-2-1 for the fall off the bone style.
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Man that is lookin real nice!
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Looking good Pimp. Nice job
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Looks good to me! Food & beer!
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