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beef ribs

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I am planning to smoke some beef baby back ribs this week . At what temp do i smoke them and for how long . What is a good flavor to smoke them with
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i did some shorts yesterday, didem at 250 deg and did a 3-1-.5, used my favorite wood, cherry.the last .5 hour after i took out of covered foil pan i bumped heat to 300, partially because i had some chicken on lower racks and wanted to crisp skin.
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sup with the sad smiley bud???
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Beef ribs are my favorite. smile.gif

I smoke them at 250 until the meat pulls back from the bone. I don't foil my beef ribs. I don't find it necessary. I do spray with a mix of beef broth and whatever seaonings I want about every hour after the first hour. It depends on the size of the rack but I've found it averages about 4 hours.

As far as what wood to smoke them with, it depends on what you have available. Mesquite, oak and hickory are all good choices. If you have some cherry use that in addition to the wood of your choice for a slightly sweet touch.

Good luck and don't forget to post some qview for us to drool over. icon_lol.gif
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I do beef ribs the same way I do pork spares. They seem to cook in about the same time as well... 235° for 5 or 6 hours until they are tender.

Here is some that I did a while back.
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